Do you have a recovery drink that helps you push past possible? 

Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you want to enhance your performance?  

First Choice has a highly effective post-workout recovery drink for you! It is their High Protein Recovery Milk (HPR). 

HPR will help you refuel and rehydrate after a hard gym workout; and it will repair sore muscle tissues and promote muscle growth. 

HPR replenishes your mineral levels, which lead to you feeling depleted and exhausted. You will find that you recover faster with this long-life, satisfying, creamy, high-protein drink. 

The science is there! HPR has whopping 21 grams of protein per 250 ml serving plus 8 added vitamins, including calcium, the range of B vitamins, Vitamin D and potassium, which are crucial for bone health and overall wellness. 

You will find, as many other fitness enthusiasts have, that High Protein Recovery Milk is the ultimate post-workout recovery fuel! 

With HPR you are spoiled for choice too. Try all five the delicious HPR flavours to find your personal favourite! HPR comes in Chocolate, Banana Créme, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Vanilla. 

So, make sure you pop an HPR in your gym bag every morning; or take it to work/class with you. HRP comes in a convenient 250 ml serving, giving you what to need to meet the demands of your day!  

We know the environment matters to you, so you will be glad to know that HPR’s packaging is recyclable and more than 80%  renewable. Every time you purchase HPR, you are doing your bit to save the planet. 

Go on; treat yourself after a hard workout. Shake. Twist. Sip….and off you go! HPR will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and your body will thank you, because it will recover faster. 

HPR is getting rave reviews from fitness enthusiasts and athletes all over South Africa!  

One fan said, ‘Nothing compares to High Protein Recovery Milk. It tastes amazing and really helps me bounce back after a tough workout.’ 


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HPR is loaded with everything that’s good for you to push through your own limits again and again. Often the difference between good performance and average performance has to do with how you fuel your body and help your body recover. HPR helps you to Push Past Possible.



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