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Dit is vir hom ongelooflik lekker om die indrukewekkende resultate te sien van harde werk en fisiese oefening. Sy werk is ongelooflik bevredigend, en nie net omdat hy self ‘n “fitness enthusiast” is nie. Hy het die ongelooflike geleentheid om mense, veral kinders, te kan kondisioneer en so hulle sterker en fikser te maak en op die einde van dag hulle help om hulle doelwitte te bereik.

Vir hom is die resultate van oefen meer as net jou voorkoms, en daarom is hierdie beroep sy passie – dit is ‘n bevredigende leefstyl om konstante verbetering te sien in soveel mense se lewens.

First Choice High-Protein Recovery Milk is vir hom die perfekte aanvulling, en voldoen aan al die vereistes wat mens nodig het vir ń gebalanseerde leefstyl.

From Crossfit to Karate and just being an all-round busy person, I use various muscles in my body all the time. Before recovery milk came into my life recovery took forever, I struggled to consume multiple other forms of protein which certainly had a toll on my recovery. Since I have started my journey with Recovery milk, my body has been feeling better than ever before. I take my recovery milk straight after training or while I’m on the run during the day at work with no hassle at all. Recovery milk doesn’t only taste great, but it does wonders for me!

I’m Dani Da Silva but sometimes I’m known as Tiny She-Hulk. I’m an amateur female figure bodybuilder and occasional powerlifter. I entered into this sport with the initial intent of losing weight but then I fell in love with this sport. I love that I’m able to continuously test my body’s ability to grow and just how much I can lift. Over the years my ambitions have shifted from not only developing my own personal growth but to inspire other women to do the same. I use this beautiful sport as a way to remind both genders of the strength all women are capable of; it is not a natural-born talent, it is hard-earned and continuous ambitious work. With this being said, I always try to be the most hardworking person in the gym and of course, require every possible resource that helps better me as an athlete. My Recovery Milk is certainly one of those incredible resources and has certainly helped me in taking my training to the next level. Here’s to bigger, better and the always needed greater recovery.

Ethan is a first-year student at Stellenbosch University, where he is currently studying Bcom Management Accountancy.

As a first-year at university, he realises the importance of balance between studying, peers, and fitness. He feels that with First Choice’s High-Protein Recovery milk, he can live that balanced lifestyle without the hassle of long recovery periods between gym sessions.

He is a fitness enthusiast and sees the gym as his safe place and a daily necessity. Due to this daily necessity, First Choice’s High-Protein Recovery milk has become Ethan’s first and only choice.

I am currently contracted at the Vodacom Blue Bulls where I lately extended my contract. As a rugby player, recovery and being energized is essential. That’s why I chose HPR – to always keep me recovered and energized.

 At the moment I’m playing U21 and will be joining the senior squad next year, where physicality is on a higher level. HPR is the perfect product looking after my body.

The Kovsies hockey team is the official hockey team of the University of the Free State. With the help of Recovery, the ladies team have won the Free State hockey league for the 13th consecutive year. They ended third in the Varsity Hockey tournament in 2019 and is aiming for the gold in 2020. This amazing team consist of a few ladies that plays for the national squad and the coach, Luke Makeleni, is one of the assisting coaches helping the South African National team prepare for the World championships.

These ladies are fierce and have some big goals for next year, and with the help of Recovery, NOTHING will stand in their way. It’s truly and honour to have them as part of the Recovery team.

CrossFit Coach & Athlete

I have an undying passion to help and coach people to become the best version of themselves and I do that through good nutrition and high-intensity functional training. Being an avid CrossFit coach and athlete for nearly 8 years myself, I fully understand the importance and huge role nutrition plays in how we look and how we perform.

Since I’m aiming to be more competitive this year and stay in the top 10 in my age category, High-Protein Recovery Milk will always be a part of my training regime as I will constantly need to Refuel, Rehydrate and Repair.

Provincial Rugby Referee, Provincial Female Rugby Head Coach, Crossfit Enthusiasts, Special Needs Educator (Physically and learning disabled learners) Adventure Junky

Why Rugby? I believe Rugby is a sport for everyone. It doesn’t matter what body type you have, whether you are short or tall – there is a place in the team for everyone! The life lessons learned from Rugby really helps me, and the ladies I coach as no matter how hard the tackle (life) or strong the opponent would be, you get up, and you complete your journey. As my life motto says “Keep on Keeping on”.

With a hectic lifestyle like mine, I love on the go and convenient products. High-Protein Recovery assists my players and me tremendously in this specific way. Looking after yourself and your body is one of the key things I teach them.

We believe that we, as women, can make a difference – not just in Rugby but in life too! The same way we believe in High-Protein Recovery Milk and the change it has made in our lives.



High Protein Recovery Drink

First Choice High-Protein Recovery drink is exactly what the name says - a dairy-based high-protein recovery drink aimed at individuals who need to replenish their energy and require balanced nourishment on the go.
First Choice High Protein Recovery Milk contains 21g Protein per 250 ml serving. That is more than double the protein content of regular milk. It’s convenient and full of delicious goodness containing the necessary nutrients to feel recharged after tough physical exercise.

NOW with more protein, two new flavours and no compromise on taste!


If there's anything you want to know feel free to contact us or jump into our FAQ - it's pretty helpful.

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