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Guess what? World Osteoporosis Day is happening on Friday, 20 October. And we want to take this opportunity to talk about how First Choice’s Recovery Milk can improve your overall bone health.

Bones 101

First off, let’s break down bones. Yep, those hardworking skeletons—they’re not just hanging around; they’re living and breathing. We’ve got three types of bone tissues:

  1. Compact Tissue: Think of this as the tough outer layer of bones.
  2. Cancellous Tissue: The spongy stuff inside your bones.
  3. Subchondral Tissue: The smooth tissue at the ends of bones, hugged by cartilage—rubbery connective tissue.

Sunlight and Mushrooms

Want to supercharge your bones? Well, vitamin D is the secret to absorbing calcium like a pro. If you get out into the sunlight for as little as 15 minutes a day, you’re on the right track. Another way to improve your Vitamin D intake is by allowing your raw mushrooms to soak up some sun before consuming them. But, when you go out and enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget your SPF—it’s like Vitamin D’s best friend, helping you stay safe while soaking up the goodness.

Meet Mr. Calcium

Calcium is the VIP when it comes to bone density and strength. Getting enough calcium, especially during recovery, is like giving your bones a high-five. It helps keep those bones strong and lowers the risk of osteoporosis, which is characterised by weak and fragile bones.

Protein Power

Now, protein isn’t just for beefing up those muscles; it’s a bone hero, too! It’s a big player in bone tissue and helps with repair and remodelling. Bone remodelling is like a makeover for your bones, fixing up micro-damage and healing fractures.

Why HPR Rocks

First Choice’s High Protein Recovery Milk (HPR) is the real deal. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your bones love. Because it is high in calcium, these minerals work together to build up your bones, strengthen them, keep them healthy, and repair muscles.

Stay Active, Stay Fun, Stay Fresh

Getting active is key, and here’s the scoop: Do what you love! Whether it’s dancing, hiking, or just a daily stroll—moving around is a must. Pair that with good eating habits, and you’re on the right track! HPR is your go-to after workouts, helping build bone and boost density.

HPR isn’t just for the older crowd; it’s a winner for everyone. Osteoporosis isn’t picky about age, so why should bone health be? Building good habits early on can set you up for bone success later in life. HPR’s got a well-rounded nutritional profile that’s great for athletes and older folks alike.

As we celebrate World Osteoporosis Day, remember that bone health is a big deal, and it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your bones. Alongside a balanced diet, regular exercise, and good nutrition (hey, no need to label foods as good or bad), incorporating HPR into your daily routine can seriously up your well-being. So go ahead, raise a glass of HPR to healthier bones and a happier you!

Signing off as your resident sports nutritionist,

Candice De Mendonca

The Fitness Hybrid (@the_fitness_hybrid)



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