An article appeared in Psychology Today in 2014. The title was: 5 Reasons why couples who sweat together, stay together.

The author claims that couples who participate in engaging workouts are far more satisfied with their relationship and many felt more in love with their partners. (

Based on my own experience and 15 years in the health and wellness industry, I know that what matters to everyone, is the environment, so whether you are in a relationship or single, if we are surrounded by supportive people it makes a huge difference.

If we have supportive people in our environment, these people:

  • understand our goals;
  • they encourage us to be the best version of ourselves;
  • they actively support us in our health and fitness journey; and
  • they are keen to help us attain – and maintain – an optimally healthy lifestyle.

If you share a home with someone with similar eating and fitness habits, you will definitely enjoy better health and fitness results, in comparison to someone who is surrounded by unsupportive people, or isn’t interested in living a healthy, energetic life.

But respect those who do not share the same goals and interests as you, because they may make different lifestyle choices and pressurizing them to exercise as you do, may cause tension in the relationship.

Make your health and fitness choices and support your partner in making theirs. Maintain a balanced dynamic, be positive and be kind.

Relationships are complex, and health is one factor that you share with your partner. Work towards a mutually healthy lifestyle. Create an environment in your home that is fun and light-hearted. Include activities such as planning and preparing meals together. Deciding on what healthy snacks you want to buy. Plan your weekly exercise activities together. And end every workout with HPR!

May this be the start of a wonderful fit and healthy 2023!

Your friendly nutritionist,